Make Money Mining Free Bitcoin

Making money on the internet can be very interesting and amazing idea. Imagine sitting at the comfort of your home and using your computer or your mobile phone to make money online. This really sounds easy and simple right. In fact all this can be done without paying or spending a penny. In today's article i'm going to show you some very easy steps you can take or follow to make some easy cash online. First of all you will need to register for three accounts. They are as follows: 
2. Blockchain Wallet - Bitcoin Address.
Now let us take each step one by one.
1. Skrill Account: Skrill  is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Here in Ghana MTN has entered into partnership agreement with Skrill. It means you can withdraw money from Skrill Account to your MTN Mobile Money Account if only you have funds in your Skrill Account. Skrill has also many other amazing features. You will need Skrill Account here because it will enable you to withdraw funds from your bitcoin address to your Skrill Account so that you can withdraw the money into your  MTN Mobile Money Account. click here to register for free Skrill Acount. It very easy to register and make sure you follow all the necessary procedures. After registering make sure you activate your account. If you need any assistance you can leave your comments in the comment box below.

2. Blockchain Wallet: The world's most popular bitcoin wallet, very secure and safe. Click here to create an account for free. Also make sure you verify your account.

3. Epay info: This is where you will be mining your bitcoin for free. Click here to register for free account.
1. Now click on the Bitcoin Faucet button as shown below.

2.Click on the visit link of  any of the faucet names as shown below:

3 Login to your blockchain wallet account and click on the receive button to copy your bitcoin address. Paste it into the next field as shown below and click on the check address stats.

4. Click on the switch to pro panel as shown below.
5. Click on secure your account button to fill in your details.
6. After verifying your details, now is time to start earning your free bitcoin. Click on the faucets list on your dashboard and again click on the faucets bitcoin button. Click on the visit link of  any of the faucet names and you will be taken to a website where you will begin earning bitcoin. Here you will be asked to do a simple task to earn a bitcoin. Make sure you read all instructions very carefully.
7. After earning a enough bitcoin and reaching the threshold, your bitcoin or payout will sent to your bitcoin wallet.

Watch the video below on how to get started

8. After accumulating enough bitcoin in your blockchain wallet you can now withdraw it to your Skrill Account  where can again withdraw it to your MTN Mobile Money Account.



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